Our Story

Developed by a mother-daughter duo, StevieWren originated out of a passion for design, travel, and women empowerment. Coming from a marketing and interior design background, Karen cultivated an immense sense of design aesthetic from her many years of traveling abroad. Highly influenced by exploring cultures around the world, Karen sought to bring those influences to the American marketplace with her partner. Stevie’s fine arts degree and opera studies lead to a passion for jewelry design. It was natural for the two to begin a business that combined their love for travel and design.

Sourcing raw, authentic materials and utilizing techniques from around the world the team developed a unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry line. Each piece curated in the StevieWren collection has a story and specific meaning behind the materials in the design. Whether it’s an authentic pendant or rare colored diamond, StevieWren designs with intention. Sustainable sourcing and genuine product is the backbone to the StevieWren brand.

While some pieces in the StevieWren collection are truly one-of-a-kind due to the rareness of the stones, the Misfit Collection was developed to give our clients the power of design. The Misfit Collection is completely customizable, down to the color of the diamond, semi-precious stone, and gold color.

Stevie and Karen are bridging the gap between generations by embracing the millennial aesthetic, while also committing to timeless design. Overall, creating an edgy and sophisticated line of jewelry that will be enjoyed by many generations of women. 

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Karen & Stevie